SEN Contingency 2013-2014

SEN contingency panel results:


The SEN Contingency fund is a sum of money put aside to cater for unforeseen and exceptional SEN that may arise in mainstream nursery, primary and secondary schools. Schools must use the pro forma to apply for this funding and all such bids are considered by a panel of headteachers. The panel meets twice a year to decide which pupils can be supported.  If there is not enough funding to grant all the successful bids in full, then bids will be scaled down as appropriate.

The deadline for application is seven days before each meeting to give time for paperwork to be collated and sent to the panel who can then study each case in advance.

The most common type of successful bid is where a pupil with special needs has recently joined a school, or a special need has recently arisen in some other way, and although statutory assessment has been applied for the child needs support in the meantime.  

The panel usually rejects applications for children who have joined the school before the current financial year unless an unforeseen need has arisen, because the school could have budgeted for the cost in the the current year. 

Applications will generally be rejected for the following reasons:

  • not exceptional - the case was not as needy as some others that had been applied for
  • not highest priority – if there had been more money to allocate they may have been eligible.

If you wish to apply please complete the application form and send it, together with brief supporting evidence (where appropriate), to Sarrosh Malik (020 8359 7816 in the School Funding Team. You can send the form by:  

  • Fax (020 8359 7324)
  • Post (School Funding Team, Building 4, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London, N11 1NP) 
  • School Bag
  • USO-FX to Sarrosh Malik

Please do not email your application as email is not secure for personal data.

We welcome offers from headteachers to sit on the panel. Please contact Sarrosh Malik on 020 8359 7816 if you might be available. We always need extra headteachers because sometimes panel members have to drop out if they have put in an application for their own school.