Business support

Having successfully gone through the registration process you’ll already have a good idea that the job involves more than just looking after children. Paperwork, tax returns, record keeping and filling vacancies to name a few. All this in itself can feel like a full time occupation and it’s unlikely it was the feature that attracted you to a career in childcare.

The good news is they don’t have to all be time consuming or overwhelming!

Taking care of the business will allow you to focus more of your time on the aspects of childcare that you enjoy, allowing you to continue to provide a great service to children and families, long in the future.

The Barnet Early Years Team are here to offer an advisory service, whether you are considering expanding your existing business and want information and guidance as to how you might go about achieving this or would like some general on sustaining and keeping your service open through effective business planning.

You can contact the the team on tel: 020 8359 3052 or email:


Researching the childcare market in Barnet

Barnet Council undertakes a

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA)

 which assesses the demand and supply within the childcare market. This will help you with conducting your market research before planning on setting up your business within Barnet.

Information on new housing and businesses in Barnet can be accessed from You can also search for official UK statistics online at It contains information about the General Household Survey, population trends, family expenditure etc