Secure Communications

Schools are the registered data controllers for their setting and as such are responsible for keeping the data of pupils and staff secure. If you wish to transfer pupil or staff data, please ensure that you communicate securely. There are a number of secure options available to send data.


To transfer files between schools or between schools and the LA, you can use the secure file sharing platform USO-FX which is available to schools that have access to LGfL (the London Grid for Learning). Please contact your system administrator within the school for more information.

Secure email

Schools may wish to explore whether they want to invest in a secure email solution for their setting which would allow them to communicate securely with any individual or organisation.

If schools want to send personal data securely to the LA, they can respond to emails sent to them by LA staff via the encrypted email solution used by London Borough of Barnet. For more information, please contact our team.


To communicate securely with other schools (to transfer ‘ctf’ files, for example) or with the DfE, schools can use the DfE’s S2S system (School to School). For more information, please see the DfE website on the following link:

Last updated 1 September 2016

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