Governor Development Programme

Governor Support and Development is a traded service which your school may buy into annually.

A central programme of courses is organised on a termly basis to cover relevant and general topics. In addition, school-based training is offered for the whole governing body or committees on a range of topics specific to their school.

Programme of courses

The link below will take you to our Governor Support and Development Training Programme and online booking system, where you will be able to book onto governor training courses directly:

You will need to select the ‘Governor Support & Development Programme’ area to view governor courses. After submitting your booking request, you should receive confirmation within a couple of days. Please enter the name of the School where the form asks who authorises the booking. If you experience any difficulties in registering for our courses, you may email the Traded Services Support Team at:

Please be reminded that we reserve the right to charge the pay-as-you-use rate to schools for governors who have registered but do not attend.


In addition, all schools subscribing to our Governor Support and Development Training Programme now have automatic access to a host of online training modules at ‘Modern Governor’ via

School-Based Training

Receiving training as a full governing body can be even more effective than attending a central session as an individual. After all, the governing body is a corporate body and governors have shared roles and responsibilities.

Topics offered as school based sessions can include:

  • a development plan for your governing body
  • developing more effective committee structures
  • evaluating the effectiveness of your governing body
  • monitoring and evaluating standards in your school
  • sharing expectations: roles and responsibilities
  • working more effectively as a team.

Arranging a session

Please contact the team with dates in mind if you would like to arrange a school-based training session for you governing body. We are happy to discuss your requirements.

Paying for courses

Individual governors are not charged for attending these sessions. If your school has bought into this service, then governors may attend as many sessions as they wish. If you wish to attend a session and your school has not bought into the service, please check with your Headteacher or Chair of Governors before registering. We will then invoice the school – not the governor.

For the cost of annual subscription, please contact

Mailing List

The termly programme of courses is distributed via a mailing list held on the Governing Body Clerking Service database. All Barnet LEA schools should ensure that the Governing Body Clerking Service is kept up to date with changes to their governing body membership and contact details.

Please contact

Registering for Courses

You may register for courses by phone or by e-mail, quoting the course reference, or by completing the booking form and returning it by post or fax.

Closing date

Courses are shown with a closing date for applications. This is the date on which we would decide whether to cancel the course if there were insufficient registrations. Applications will be accepted after the closing date if the course is running.


Details of the course and venue will be sent to you at least one week before the course.

Helping each other

  • book by the closing date
  • share what you have learnt with your governing body
  • use the knowledge or skills gained
  • let us know of any training needs not addressed in our programme
  • complete the evaluation forms
  • let us know if you feel disappointed with our services.


Having booked on a course please let us know if you cannot attend. We will give you as much notice as possible if we have to cancel or rearrange courses.

We endeavour to make all our services available to all governors. If you have a particular need let us know. We will try to address the issue.

Course Evaluation

Governor Services is constantly reviewing the quality of service offered to Barnet schools. The evaluation forms that we ask you to complete at the end of each course help us to target resources to governors’ needs. If you have any comments that would help us to improve our service, we are always happy to hear from you.

Training Venues

The main venue for training is the Barnet Education and Skills Training (BEST) hub in Colindale. Courses are sometimes held in committee rooms at Hendon Town Hall or the North London Business Park (NLBP). .