Early Intervention and Prevention Commissioned Services

Acting now, before problems occur or get worse, will help strengthen families, build confidence and skills and enable children and young people to achieve their full potential.

We have commissioned a number of providers to deliver early intervention and prevention support to children, young people and their families across the borough. We are also offering support and training to Barnet’s childcare providers and play settings.

All of the services offered are listed in the early intervention and prevention services table below . If you would like to find out more, including how you can refer, please get in touch with the providers listed in the table by clicking on the web link in the right hand column.

Early intervention and prevention services details

 What is offered?

 Who for?



Activities and support for children and young people  
A range of support and activities including mentoring support, counselling and respite clubs.
Young carers
Range of activities, term time and holidays at Norwood
Disabled children and young people (18 months - 18 year olds)
School holiday scheme at Action for Kids
Disabled children and young people (14 - 18 year olds)
Take a Break enabling services providing support to families to access services in the community at Barnet Mencap
Disabled children and young people (0 - 19 year olds)
Range of art based programmes at Community Focus
Disabled children and young people (12 - 19 year olds)
Range of term time and holiday schemes for CYP with Autism at Resources for Autism 
Disabled children and young people (8 - 18 year olds)
Afterschool club running 4 nights per week, term time only at Oakleigh School
Disabled children and young people attending Oakleigh Schools (4 - 11 year olds)
Support for parents and families  
A Moving Up service for disabled children and young people aged 5 - 18 and their family carers. The service will be provided across the whole borough.
Parents / carers of disabled children and young people
Evidence based Strengthening Families and Strengthening Communities parenting programmes
Engaging with families from traveller communities whose children are in difficulties with school, social workers or the youth justice team, and delivering evidence based parenting programmes to these families.
Families of Irish Gypsy and Roma Traveller (GRT) heritage
Family Group Conferences
Support children to live within family where at risk of breakdown
Referral through Social Worker
Women's Support Group & Play Therapy
Women exposed to DVDA and for children in DV environment
Peri-natal coaching provided by volunteers within the community to support mum to be, preparing them to motherhood, accessing  relevant services for their health & well-being
Expecting mothers
Family Health Coaches provided by volunteers within the community to support families/individuals in crisis, helping them to identify barriers preventing them from achieving their goals.
Raising the standards of childcare and delivery of activity clubs  
Support and training to providers to help ensure high quality and sustainable provision. Private, voluntary and Independent childcare providers and parent and toddler groups Barnet Pre-school Learning Alliance