Family Resilience

A range of parenting support to families and young people is provided by the Family Resilience Team (FRT). The team delivers a range of evidence-based interventions and programmes that are focused on early intervention.
The main objectives of the FRT are to prevent the escalation of issues for children and families by providing high quality, targeted interventions. 
Interventions and support provided include:

  • Evidence-Based Parenting Programmes
  • AVA (Against Violence and Abuse) Community Programmes for women and children
  • Mediation Services
  • Children and Young People’s Wellbeing Programme
  • One to one, targeted parenting and family support interventions based on need
  • Working in partnership with other professionals as part of a team around the family
  • Build on ‘what works’ and increasing resilience in families and young people.

How it works?

Families can be referred to the Family Resilience Team for one to one support by their allocated Social Worker. Group programmes and the Wellbeing Programme can also be accessed via the Universal Plus form.

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