Special Educational Needs

Education Health Care Plans (EHCP)

The majority of children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) will have their needs met from within the school or setting’s own resources. A small number of pupils will need additional support beyond what the school or setting would normally be expected to provide – in which case they may be eligible for an
EHCP. An EHCP is a legal document that describes a child's or young person's special educational, health and social care needs and the support they need to help them to get the best outcomes when they become adults.

In order to decide whether an EHCP is necessary, the child or young person will need to undergo an EHC Needs Assessment. The EHC Needs Assessment is not normally the first step in the process for helping to meet the needs of the child or young person, but should be built on co-ordinated work that is already happening between families, educational settings and any other health or social care services who are involved.

Further details are available on the Barnet Local Offer website - Maintaining an EHCP - Annual Reviews.