Early Help delivery locations


Early help hub locations

Barnet Family Services deliver early help across the 0-19 age-range, We operate from 3 geographical areas or ‘hubs’, which enable us to be closer to where families live, and to work more closely with other community based settings and organisations.

We are based within a main office in each of the Hubs.

East/Central Hub

Covers the postcodes of: N2, parts of N3, parts of N10, N11, N12 parts of N14, EN4 and EN5.

Main Hub office: Newstead Children’s Centre, 1 Fallows Close (off Tarling Road), Finchley, N2 8LG, Telephone: 020 8359 3460.

West Hub

Covers the postcodes of: HA8, part of NW7, part of NW9

Main Hub office: Barnet and Southgate College- Colindale, 7 Bristol Avenue (formerly Lanacre Avenue) London NW9 4BR, Telephone 020 8359 3510

South Hub

Covers the postcodes of: part of NW2, NW3, part of NW4, part of NW7, part of NW9, part of N3

Main Hub office: Parkfield Children’s Centre, 44 Park Road, Hendon, NW4 3PS, Telephone: 020 8359 3590

Map showing areas of each hub

Each Hub also has many other venues, including youth centres and school-based Children’s Centres, which also offer drop-in services, group work, activities and can be used as a place to meet families, children and young people.   

The 3 Hubs have common features, but may operate differently in each area depending on need and partnership arrangements.

The Hubs are wider than just Barnet’s Early Help Team as we co-deliver with other agencies, signpost to and commission specialist services for our families. There are also practitioners from different organisations who are co-located in the same place/s, or who regularly spend time based within our venues.