Tips for Managing and Improving Attendance

Indicators of effective management of attendance include:

  • the existence of a clear and specific policy on attendance, backed up by systematic procedures
  • clear allocation of responsibilities amongst staff
  • whole school approach – all staff involved in encouraging good attendance
  • rigorous tracking over time
  • careful analysis by group
  • use of individual and cohort targets
  • targeting of pupil premium funding (where appropriate)
  • robust systems for day to day management eg first day calling, third day follow up
  • prompt and regular communication with parents, including to celebrate improvement
  • use of rewards and sanctions
  • evidence from around the school (for example in displays) that good attendance has high profile
  • evidence of an awareness of the link between attainment and attendance amongst staff, pupils and parents

Sample Barnet Policies

Copies of Barnet schools’ attendance policies and guidance to parents can be found here.  Please note, these have been written by individual schools to meet the specific needs of their own setting and are ratified by the governing bodies of those schools.  There is no requirement for them to be approved by the LA.

All Saint's - Attendance and Punctuality
The Annunciation Catholic Infant School - Attendance Guide for Parents
Childs Hill - Attendance Policy
Dollis Infant - Attendance and Punctuality Leaflet for Parents
Foulds - Attendance Policy
St Theresa's Catholic - Attendance Policy
Wessex Gardens - Attendance Policy
Wessex Gardens - Attendance Guide to Nursery
Wessex Gardens - Attendance Guide to Parents, Reception to Year 6
Wessex Gardens Primary Attendance Inset

Attendance Conference

Information and materials from the Attendance Conference that took place at the Best Hub on 18 January 2016 can be found here, including presentations from schools.

Attendance Presentation
Hints and Tips from Schools
Parent Grid
Akiva - Attendance Conference Presentation
St Catherine's - Attendance Conference Presentation