Report it!

1. What are accidents/incidents?

An accident can be very simply defined as an unwanted event that has caused damage or injury. An incident can be described as physical or verbal assault or a 'near miss' (see below).

2.  Why do I need to record and report accidents?

Accidents/incidents reports give us an opportunity to look at what went wrong and how. We need to know what kind of health and safety problems are being experienced in our settings and places of work so that we can spot any common problems or trends, and provide guidance or support to avoid future problems.

3. When and how do I report an accident or incident?

Please refer to the Health & Safety management system page for information on how to report an accident, incident or hazard

4. What about ‘near miss’ incidents?

‘Near misses’ (or ‘dangerous occurrences’) are accidents that have not caused an injury, but could have done. They are still significant, because very often the only difference between a near miss and an injury is luck. Please record and report them.

5. Where can I get more information?

Information about accident recording and reporting is contained in the council’s Health, Safety and Welfare Policy and the Children’s Service’s Local Codes of Practice. Information about RIDDOR can be found on the HSE website (external).