Financial framework

Schools in Financial Difficulty

Schools Financial Value Standard

The Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) has been designed in conjunction with schools to assist them in managing their finances, and to give assurance that they have secure financial management in place.

Scheme for Financing Schools

Barnet’s Scheme for Financing Schools sets out the financial relationship between the authority and the maintained schools which it funds. It contains requirements relating to financial management and associated issues, binding on both the authority and on schools.

Financial FAQs

Banking Forms for Barnet NatWest School Accounts - here are the main forms that schools will require.

Please return the forms to:

Other Banking Forms:

General FAQs

  • Z Order Pads are no longer available - the PO functionality on RM can be used instead


Financial Guide

Barnet's Financial Guide for Schools aims to supplement the requirement of the scheme and the national standard to provide:

  • Barnet specific procedures and forms
  • technical details, e.g. taxation
  • details not available elsewhere.

Formula Funding

Further details of Barnet’s funding formula can be found on the relevant financial year pages.